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Welcome to the CC Wiki! The purpose of this wiki is to help you learn more about CC and give you a chance to collaborate with us. CC relies on its community of users to keep it strong, so now is your chance to get involved! Create an account or login with OpenID so you can add to this wiki and help it grow. To learn more about wikis and how to edit them, visit our Getting Started page.


Upcoming Creative Commons events around the world: get details, add an event, learn how to start a ccSalon, and sign up for our events mailing list.


Metrics detailing CC license usage and adoption.

Stay Informed

Mailing lists, forums, ccNewsletter.

Spread The Word

Widgets and videos, plus CC's pages on Facebook, Myspace, and

Case Studies

Past, present, and future "CC success stories" to help measure the impact of Creative Commons around the world. Everyone is encouraged to contribute!


Resources for software developers interested in developing tools to facilitate the use and growth of Creative Commons licenses and standards.


Page of Frequently Asked Questions, with information on all aspects of Creative Commons licensing.

These sections need some work. We invite you to help out!

Content Directories

A list of organizations and projects powered with Creative Commons licenses.


Large-scale CC specifications, recommendations, white papers, tutorials.


List of best practices for marking content with CC licenses.


Help us translate our wiki, web content, videos and more.


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