This portal talks about and describes available addons (scripts and applications) for Dropbox clients.

All platforms

DropboxPath - script to relocate Dropbox folder

PHP file checking script - Check for invalid UTF-8, invalid ASCII, and invalid windows filename characters. As well as getting a count of files & folders.

PHP Dropbox Uploader - you can use this to add a file upload form to your webpage which uploads files to your dropbox

PHP Dropbox Connection - you can use this PHP Class to connect your PHP application to your dropbox

The dropbox plugin - you can use this plugin to integrate Dropbox into Wordpress to download, browse and upload files

Joomla Plugin - a ready to use Joomla Plugin for showing a dropbox directory or view a upload form

Drupal Module - a module which allows users to upload files from a Drupal website into an existing Dropbox account.

A Python script to display Dropbox client configuration data

A PHP script to move your Dropbox location

PHP Email To Upload - A modification of the Dropbox Uploader to check an email address for attachments, and uploading them to your dropbox. Handy for iPhone uploads.

Ruby Dropbox API - A ruby script for interacting (List, Upload, Download, Delete, Move, History) with a dropbox.


Dropbox Dashboard Widget - A OS X Dashboard widget that will easily allow you to drag any file(s) onto the widget and copies the dragged files to your Dropbox Public folder and copies the URL to easily share the file on the internet with others.

Dropbox Droplet - little app sitting in your dock and waiting for files to be dropped on it. A dropped file is uploaded to your Public folder and the corresponding URL gets copied to your clipboard

Dropbox Service - contextual menu entry to copy or move files into your public folder and put the public links in the clipboard.


Akira 1.0 - a lightweight utility that uses Dropbox to send commands from one PC to another.

Dropbox Screen Grabber - a simple application which sits in the system tray and allows you to capture the screenshot of the whole desktop or the currently active window and save it to the Dropbox public folder.

DropboxCopyPlugin - this program help you Easer share your files by one mouse click. Program copies and moves files to the Public folder and all public URL you get on your clipboard. This plug-in has a friendly interface and is simple to usage. Now you can move your 'My Dropbox' folder using this plug-in. You don't need to install any libs or frameworks to run this software.

DropboxPortable - an application which makes Dropbox compatible with any USB flash drive

DropboxU3 - an application which makes Dropbox compatible with U3 Smart flash drives

Dropboxen - a multiple Dropbox launcher

DropboxPath - allows you to set the path to your Dropbox without any restrictions, so it can be placed on removable drives

DropboxDataWrapper - allows you to change the location of the Dropbox data files and cache

A Python script to get the Dropbox status of a file or folder in Windows

Conflict Manager - A Windows Application that allows you to manage conflicted files and choose which one to keep.

Public Link Automation - A python script that copies selected files via the "Send to" right click menu directly to the public folder or a subfolder, and places the corresponding public links in the clipboard.

Dropbox Interface - A programmatic interface to Dropbox, written in Python.

MailDrop - Email files to your Dropbox


Linux CLI - a CLI for the Linux Dropbox client, supports almost all of the commands available in the GUI

A Ruby script to continually log events from the Dropbox client in Linux

A Python script to ascertain the current status of the Dropbox client in Linux

A Python script to make fake GUI libraries for the Linux Dropbox daemon

Delay startup and run dropbox at idle IO priority

Dropbox experimental build update script

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