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This portal is for issues that we're aware of and are working hard to fix. Technical language may be used.

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Can't select true custom Dropbox location: The client creates a 'Dropbox' or 'My Dropbox' folder inside the folder that you selected to move the location to.

Solution: True custom locations was implemented when the feature was introduced in the 3xx builds, but some people were confused and selected their entire hard drive as the Dropbox folder, expecting the client to make a subfolder. The behaviour was modified to create a subfolder, confusing a lot more people who expect it to actually do what the user says. A future non-ambiguous version will be released, but in the mean time, you can temporarily install build 384, move the location, and update back to the latest client. Download links available in ChangeLogs.

Dropbox cannot handle hundreds of thousands of individual files to sync Such as when adding OSX Applications to your DropBox. Checking all the files create CPU and RAM resource issues, and icon file updating. For more info see the forum


Dropbox is perpetually syncing: The status menu indicates "downloading x files" but everything looks synced. This usually occurs on Dropboxes that are synced across more than 1 platform and primarily manifests itself on windows machines. You likely have files/folders which are legally named on Linux/OS X but not valid on Windows. Dropbox can't create the file so it appears to be perpetually downloading (it isn't actually doing anything). The following are some illegal characters in your file names which may be causing trouble: \ / : ? * < > " |.

Solution: Download the latest client! ChangeLogs.

No overlay icons or context menu on right-clicking files: Did you forcibly move your dropbox to a root drive (C:\, D:\)? It will happen if you do. This way, the dropbox helper plugin will not put the necessary context menus on your right-click menu or change the overlays.

Solution: Move your dropbox folder to a sub folder of the drive, never a root folder.


Dropbox doesn't play well with FileVault: Spotlight won't find files in your Dropbox if it's in a FileVault locker.

Solution: Move your Dropbox files outside of FileVault. They won't be encrypted (and you can't move them back in), but it's a temporary fix.


Dropbox linux client is stuck at downloading 100%: The dropbox icon shows up in the tray, but no sync activity is seen, clicking on the icon shows downloading 100%.

Solution: There is an intermittent problem with dropboxd starting for the first time. Fix coming in a future version of the client, for now open a terminal and run ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd manually.

Fedora 11 support

You can download and test all different versions of Dropbox like this:


Then you delete existing .dropbox-dist folder by issuing this command from your home directory: rm .dropbox-dist/ -Rf

then upack the version of dropbox that you want to test on your system, for example 0.6.527: tar -xvzf dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.527.tar.gz

and then start dropbox from command line: dropbox start

I tested all these versions on Fedora 11: dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.456.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.490.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.500.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.505.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.507.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.510.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.511.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.521.tar.gz dropbox-lnx.x86-0.6.527.tar.gz

and they all fail!

Solution: I have Dropbox running on Fedora 11 that I installed a week ago and I don't know what version it is because there is no .dropbox-dist/VERSION file to identify the version. Dropbox added VERSION file only in newer versions as far as I can see.

This older version that I got somehow works ok with Fedora 11, so here it is:

Dropbox guys please tell us what is this version and see what is different in that one and in all later ones that break the Fedora support.

You need to have Fedora testing box!

cAn I haZ big dropbOx? I did a lot of ground work, so please Dropbox guys fix this F11 issue, and if this helped please consider adding +50GB to my account ;)

Cheers! my profile: or #

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