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We Pay For Referals

I have now implemented referal tracking. If you send people to my site, and I make money off of them, then you make money off of them. It works out to be about $800 per placement, depending on the salary.

Here are the details. If your web site refers someone to this web site, and that person posts a job on this web site, and I place a person into that position and get paid, then I will pay you 10% of what I make on that placement. So if I place someone for an $80,000 salary, and they stay for a year, and pay me 10% of their salary, then you would make 10% of that amount which is $800.00.

Technically this is implemented with cookies. I track the refering web site when someone first visits, then if they post a job I log the referring web site. So I do pay for some clicks, not for all clicks, just the ones that generate revenue.

You can send people to my site in a number of ways. You can create a link to this site, you can join the banner exchange which I run, or you can use an RSS feed of jobs. The best way to link to this site is to grab the RSS feed from the Jobs page. That way visitors to your site see the new jobs in this industry. It is dynamic information which is useful to your visitors, and makes you money.

Right now I pay for job listings, rather than resumes, because jobs are the scarce asset. I am also tracking referals of resumes in case the market turns around.

This is a new feature so I expect it to evolve rapidly. In particular I reserve the right to change the financial terms of this offer. Any suggestions?

Search engines such as Google, and Yahoo are not subject to this offer. They send me traffic for free as part of what they do. In practice if they send me jobs, then I will expect to spend more advertising on their sites, but I reserve the right not to do so.

I expect that when someone posts an interesting job offer, I will email the webmaster of the referring site, to notify them. And then again if I place a person there, I would send off another email.

Please let me know what you think!

Editors Note: This is now fully operational.

Christopher Lozinski

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