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Welcome to this Wireless Job Market. This is not just a job board, I help you with the entire hiring process. Like any job board, you can post and view resumes and jobs, but it is also a free recruiting service for managers, and an agency for candidates.

Managers can post their jobs, they can scan the resumes at the bottom of this page by experience, location, and visa status. Managers can look at specific resumes by clicking below on the resume icons which look like this. ResumeGif Managers can even phone screen, interview, and hire a person, all for free. Of course, your company still has to pay the person a salary. If you like a candidate, but do not see the resume, please ask me to post that resume.

I help candidates find jobs. I email them job listings. I help them target their resume for specific jobs. I advise them on the interviewing process. Candidates can post their resume here. I will then email you Wireless job listings as they appear on this job board. If a job is a good fit for you, I will help you get it. I advise you through the hiring process. Basically I help you get a job.

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