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Nobody remembers exactly when it all started, but the earliest preserved reports on meteor observing in our club date back to 1979. In 1990 our work become more serious - we joined the International Meteor Organization (IMO) and started to use their observing methodology. That means that our results are entered, together with the results of hundreds of observers throughout the world, in a large meteor database, which then allows for some serious data analysis.

Observing Strategy

We tend to observe all major meteor showers: Qudrantids, Lyrids, Aquarids, Perseids, Orionids, Leonids and Geminids. The final decision is usually made by the weather. Normally we use our Observatory for several days and enjoy the observing and beautiful nature (little less we enjoy low temperatures...). For major events, we also organize meteor camps.

Meteor Camps

All the non-meteor camps, organized by our Club, usually had a group for meteor observing. However, for the year 1993 a large outburst of meteor activity for the Perseid shower was predicted. Therefore we decided to organize a summer camp, completely dedicated to meteor observing. The camp was named PAMET'93 (slovene acronym for Poletni Astronomski MEteorski Tabor - summer astronomical meteor camp). Since then, three camps took place: PAMET'93, PAMET'94, PAMET'95, yielding plenty of observations.

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