Yousef Saad - software

SPARSKIT a basic tool-kit for sparse matrix computations. Sparskit is a general purpose FORTRAN library for sparse matrix computations. It has been gathered over several years and includes some of the most useful tools for developing and implementing sparse matrix techniques, particularly for iterative solvers. To describe SPARSKIT in a few words, we could say that if you ever needed a simple routine for doing a sparse matrix operation (e.g., adding two sparse matrices, or reordering a sparse matrix) it is likely to be available in SPARSKIT. In addition, SPARSKIT also contains most of the iterative accelarators and a few efficient preconditioners. Along with the package you will also find a repository of sparse matrices.

PSPARSLIB a portable library of distributed-memory sparse iterative solvers. This package can be viewed as a parallel implementation of the iterative solvers in SPARSKIT. It uses essentially a domain decomposition viewpoint for general sparse matrices. The iterative accelerators are the same as those in SPARSKIT. Preconditioners include additive and multicolor multiplicative Schwarz procedures. Related packages are the following: