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General information

The ABA is the regulator for free-to-air radio and television, pay TV, digital broadcasting content and Internet content in Australia. The ABA's role is defined by the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the BSA). The ABA administers the complaints system set down in the BSA, and client complaints about us as covered in our charter.

Complaints the ABA can't handle

There are issues associated with broadcasting which you might think the ABA deals with, but which are actually the responsibility of another government agency or industry body.

To help you to decide whether the ABA can deal with your complaint, here are some examples of issues which are handled by other bodies and not the ABA.

Type of complaint Who can handle your complaint
Complaints about the ABC or SBS See "What to do if your complaint concerns the ABC or SBS"
Transmitter licences Australian Communications Authority
National Transmission Limited
Cabling for pay TV or web connections

Australian Communications Authority
Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
Office of Fair Trading/Consumer Affairs in your state or territory

Service reception difficulties and faults Australian Communications Authority
ABC Reception Advice Line
SBS Transmission Services
Business contracts with broadcasters Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Office of Fair Trading/Consumer Affairs in your state or territory
Prizes for competitions or quiz games on TV or radio Government office responsible for competitions/gambling in your state or territory
Copyright or performing and recording rights Copyright Council
Journalists' code of ethics Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)
Rights of actors and musicians Actors Equity (see MEAA)
Australian Performing Rights Association
Commercial disputes about advertisement placement on television A.I.M. Data (NSW)

For bodies not linked to this page check in your local telephone directory or use the following link to Telstra White Pages

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