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Digital broadcasting is a new method of transmitting and receiving television and radio services. Applying the same digital technology commonly used in computers, compact discs and mobile phones, digital broadcasting has the potential to provide higher quality services as well as an extended range of services to viewers and listeners

The introduction of digital television promises a clearer, sharper picture for viewers. It also promises a reduction in the interference and ghosting that currently affects the picture for many viewers in built-up areas or hilly terrain. Digital television will also provide viewers with the opportunity to receive cinema-quality images and surround-sound as well as enhanced services such as subtitles, captioning, datacasting and a choice of viewing angles.

Digital television could be used to offer a range of services including:

  • Television as we currently understand it but without the analog problems of ghosting, interference and noise. It will also be possible to receive cinema quality images with higher quality sound.

  • New broadcast related services such as:

    • Interactive access to program-related information such as scores, statistics and different camera angles while watching sporting events
    • Program guides providing information on scheduling and content
    • Interactive quiz shows so the viewer at home can compete along with the studio contestants

  • Internet features such as:

    • Email
    • Web browsing
    • Online newspapers, weather, sports
    • Financial and other booking services.

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