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Blackout was the first series to be produced by ABC's Indigenous programs unit.
A selection of videotapes from are available..They cost $100.00 per episode
Note: For copyright reasons some episodes are not available outside Australia.

SPIRITUALITY Duration 1x 30 Mins

Spirituality is a revolutionary look at Aboriginality and Koories Cultural Spiritual beliefs prior to 1788. It tells of the breakdown when the white man came, it questions Christian ethics, how the Christian doctrine destroyed the performing culture, but not the spiritual culture. This program, is a first, for Aboriginals to reveal to the white public and a first to be given to White Australia.

OCEANS APART Duration 1x 30 Mins

A documentary about three Aboriginal women:

Each of the women reflects various perspectives of themselves as Aborigines and as women, according to their family backgrounds and political influences that surround other Aboriginal women in their peer group.

MALANGI Duration 1x 30 Mins

This program takes a look, at the life of David Malangi, one of Australia's most celebrated traditional artists whose work has been exhibited in galleries and collected privately throughout the world. In 1995, before Malangi became internationally renowned, the Reserve Bank of Australia used one of his paintings depicting a funeral scene as a design for the new one dollar note. Unfortunately, David became aware of this only after the notes were being circulated in 1966. As a compensation payment for using the artwork, Malangi was awarded a medal, a dinghy, an army tent and $500.

POISON Duration 1x 30 Mins

This drama, the first ever to come out of `Blackout', considers three major aspects of Aboriginal reality - assimilation, adoption and sexual abuse, and looks at how these circumstances have prompted the creation of addictive personalities.

It is the ugly, yet surprisingly beautiful, story of four troubled young people living together in a city squat. Although this film is about Aboriginal people, it is essentially about people in general - their anguish, their pain and their need to be loved and accepted.

The story takes place within 24 hours and begins with languid preparations for a night on the town. Raylene (Lydia Miller), Wayne (Russell Page) and Laniece (Rhoda Roberts) and Sharon (Lillian Crombie) stumble their way through a sleazy round of nightspots, becoming increasingly stoned and disoriented. While clinging to the fragile security they provide for each other, each is lost in his or her own private world, trying to contend with a past that keeps rearing its ugly head.

`POISON" is a telling tale about the difficulties experienced by so many Aboriginal people in coming to terms with themselves, their past and a society that has wronged them and demonstrates their struggle to cope with life under the cloud. AUST/NZ NT

KEVIN GILBERT Duration 1x 30 Min

This program is a documentary on the life of Kevin Gilbert, Aboriginal poet, playwright, artist and political activist.

KIDS AND CULTURE Duration 1x 30 Min

The program follows a theatre group of young urban Aborigines from Brisbane as they journey to the Cape York Peninsula to spend time with traditional Aboriginal people, in a quest to find their aboriginality.

EDUCATION Duration 1x 30 Min

This program looks at the education system in Australia and for the 1st time allows Koories to voice their opinions on their own personal educational experiences. They share with us their fears and hopes and heartaches in a system that is also failing white Australia.

DANCE Duration 1x 30 Mins

The program follows the rehearsal of the end of the year performance of the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre based in Glebe, Sydney. The students tell of their joy and excitement before the premiere. For the first time since the creation of the theatre 15 years ago, an Aboriginal Artistic Director, Steven Page, leads the company. Students and staff alike agree their personal experience has been a lot of guts, blood and tears, taking them to a level of quality only experienced at the end of year performance where sharing their cultural diversity with others is a focus theme. Dance is viewed by the students and staff of the theatre an artistic form of expression that can transcend racial barriers, prejudices and enrich the cultural life of all Australians.

GAMMIN PARADISE Duration 1x 30 Min

Gammin means lie. In the mid nineteenth century Queensland Sugar farmers started paying boat-owners to kidnap Pacific Islanders for the purpose of providing near slave-labour for the burgeoning Queensland sugar industry. The boat-owners came to be known as "Blackbirders", the kidnapped as "Kanakas". This practice stopped with the coming of Federation in 1901 and the invention of an active "White Australia policy"' leading to the forced deportation of the people who through the sweat of their labour helped turn Queensland sugar into the multi-million dollar crop it is today.

This documentary which was produced by the A.B.C's Aboriginal Unit looks at this near forgotten chapter of Australia's regrettable past.

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