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Pharmacy Trade Report

In today’s competitive environment, pharmacists must have ready access to key industry facts and figures. To guarantee the survival of community pharmacy, members of the pharmaceutical industry must look beyond the field of pharmacy to key economic and governmental trends and changes.

ACNielsen’s Pharmacy Trade Report is an annual report to the pharmaceutical industry produced collaboratively by ACNielsen, IMS Health and Pharmacy Trade publication. It provides information on industry trends and statistics in the OTC and ethical markets and provides the latest Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme information.

A key feature of the Pharmacy Trade Report is the pharmacists’ perspective survey. In the latest survey, pharmacists in general believe their future is positive, provided they can keep abreast of continuing change in the industry, legislation and technology.

Other features of the Report include:

  • calendar of milestones (May 1998 – June 1999)
  • impact of introduction of TGPs (Therapeutic Group Premiums)
  • top 10 categories for OTC and ethical markets
  • information on marketing groups and suppliers

ACNielsen’s Pharmacy Trade Report is sourced from ACNielsen Retail Index (Drug).

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  Pharmacy Trade Report 1999