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Government and social

Government departments are increasingly interested in the views and requirements of minority or special needs groups. These populations can be suspicious of market research, and difficulties in communication or a reluctance to divulge personal information can lead to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the information collected.

Government research cannot be conducted with an off-the-shelf model: every project has unique criteria, requiring a tailormade and often complex research survey design, yet limited government resources demand maximum efficiency from survey design. Additionally, the public sector often has to withstand greater scrutiny of its decision-making processes.

Information to support policy development and decision making

Through extensive experience in the public sector, ACNielsen has a clear understanding of the specific information and research needs in the public sector. At all levels of government and public utilities, ACNielsen guarantees research results that are cost efficient and can withstand external scrutiny.

ACNielsen's interviewers have considerable experience in interviewing groups typically hard to reach such as the unemployed, immigrants, veterans, pensioners and the disabled, and are trained to deal with sensitive issues.

ACNielsen works closely with clients to maintain their understanding of public opinion, test policies and ensure services meet stakeholder needs. ACNielsenís accurate, reliable and timely information has proved vital to the development of successful policies and services.

Tailormade research services

ACNielsen is attuned to the security issues surrounding government data and ensures that all analysis remains highly confidential. In cases where a client prefers to conduct their own analysis, we can deliver the data as specified in an appropriately formatted file.

We can also offer in-depth analysis techniques such as advanced modelling and predictive techniques to 'dig deeper' into the data and further examine implications for policy, funding or management.