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In recent years, the telecommunications industry in Australia has been deregulated from a monopoly under Telstra to a fully competitive environment, opening up the market to additional key network players such as Optus, Vodaphone (mainly in the mobile market) and AAPT.

Price remains the primary driver in establishing a niche in the highly profitable mobile and long distance markets. This focus on price will be no different in the local call market as it opens up to competition. Telstra continues to hold a significant advantage in terms of its total coverage of telecommunication needs and infrastructure investment although Optus has made some significant advances. Nevertheless, a major impediment to service providers is the significant set-up cost in establishing a network.

Due to the high rate of technological advances in this industry, product life cycles are becoming shorter. Technological capability dictates future consumer services, as consumers look for customised solutions to their telecommunication needs.

Your competitive advantage

Within the telecommunications industry, success or failure often comes down to utilising market information to meet consumer needs and drive sales and profits.

  • How can I strengthen my relationship with my customers and keep them loyal?
  • How can I ensure my new product success?
  • How can I reduce my operating costs?
  • How can I measure and grow my brand equity?
  • How do I keep up to date with the latest competitive offerings?
  • Are my competitors outperforming me on advertising?

In such a competitive environment, market intelligence can provide the edge to succeed. There are many techniques available in identifying the relationship between market drivers and demand such as surveys, simulated choice experimentation in a controlled or field environment, statistical modelling of time series sales data and analysis of panel data.

Only one organisation can provide you with this level of understanding, integrating in-depth local market knowledge with the technology and resources of a premier market research company: ACNielsen, the world’s leading market research organisation.

ACNielsen has a thorough understanding of your research needs - planning, organising and managing a wide range of research services to the telecommunications industry.

ACNielsen launches new Internet-based research business