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Travel and tourism

People are travelling more than ever before. As we enter the next millennium, sources predict that by the year 2007*:

  • Australians will be taking as many as 4.5 million overseas trips, representing a 4.5% rise on the current rate of departures.
  • Business travellers may be taking around 1.3 million international trips annually (a 6.1% increase),
  • Australians will be taking around 1.1 million overseas holidays to visit their friends and relatives every year (a 4.3% increase).
  • The number of international visitors expected to arrive in Australia per year is expected to increase to around 7.7 million
  • They will spend more than $29 billion during their stay.

Clearly, this represents an enormous marketing opportunity for any organisation within the travel and tourism industry. With the sheer number of visitors and their immense spending power, they must be prepared to meet growing demand.

Your competitive advantage

To capture this huge opportunity, you need research-based market intelligence for a clear understanding of your market, consumers behaviour and motivations, your competitors and development opportunities.

Only one organisation can provide you with this level of understanding, integrating in-depth local market knowledge with the technology and resources of a premier market research company: ACNielsen, the world’s leading market research organisation.

ACNielsen measures marketplace dynamics and consumer attitudes in over 100 countries, and can deliver unique insights to the travel and tourist industry of the travel plans and preferences of consumers the world over.

Tailormade research services

ACNielsen Australia has over 10 years experience researching the tourism industry. With a wide range of sampling techniques and methodologies, ACNielsen can help develop a deeper understanding of the market, not only in terms of travel experiences, visitor expectations and satisfaction, but also to provide insight to new development opportunities.

*All figures quoted are drawn from "Forecast" of the Tourism Forecasting Council. Vol. 4 No. 2 November 1998.