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Through strategic partnerships between NetRatings, Nielsen Media Research and ACNielsen, the Nielsen//NetRatings audience measurement service collects real-time data from more than 165,000 Internet users around the world. The U.S. panel sample currently consists of 57,000 at-home users and 8,000 at-work users. International panels are under development with over 100,000 at-home users currently being measured. These panels collectively represent the largest media research sample of Internet users in the industry.

Nielsen//NetRatings uses unique technology capable of measuring both Internet use and advertising to provide the most timely, accurate and comprehensive Internet usage data and advertising information in the global marketplace. Nielsen//NetRatings tracks the entire spectrum of Internet user behaviour, leveraging proprietary data-collection technology from NetRatings, Nielsen Media Research's 50 years of expertise in research and audience measurement, and ACNielsenís international leadership in offering market research information covering more than 100 countries.

Nielsen//NetRatings is the only internet measurement service that provides three levels of internet audience information:

  • comprehensive traffic measures for web sites (by property, domain and unique site)
  • audience exposure and response to ad banners (by advertiser, site and banner)
  • audience demographics linked directly to site and advertising data.

Ease of use and flexibility are built into the reporting interface, allowing extensive drill-downs and custom queries on-the-fly. This syndicated Audience Measurement service delivers weekly and monthly reports online so that you always have access to the most up-to-date audience information possible.

Nielsen//NetRatings reports include:

Web site reports:

  • Top web sites by property
  • Top web sites by domain
  • Top web sites by unique site
  • Top web sites by category
Bannertrack reports:
  • Top banner ads by impression
  • Advertising by domain
  • Advertising by company
Audience summary reports:
  • Audience profile
  • Daily/hourly traffic
  • Average usage
  • AOL online service usage
Select views reports:
  • Demographic targeting by site
  • Audience profile by site
  • Unduplicated audience by site
  • Demographic targeting by banner
  • Audience profile by banner
To learn more or for a product demo, visit the Nielsen//NetRatings website at www.nielsen-netratings.com