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AddThis Analytics Overview

AddThis social analytics allow you to track how, where, and by whom your content is being shared. These reports are designed to give you powerful statistics on sharing trends in real-time and over the last 24 hours, including:

What content is being shared and driving traffic back to your site

  • How visitors are sharing, including address bar copy/pasting
  • Detailed analysis of your audience
  • Alerts when important changes happen

AddThis analytics dashboard

Share Your Analytics Reports

Introducing AddThis Profiles, which make it easy to share analytics reports and other configuration settings with team members or clients. Now, each team member or client can have their own AddThis account, and share the same analytics data.

Learn more about sharing analytics reports using AddThis Profiles

Not Getting Analytics?

If you installed AddThis in the past and didn’t register, you’re missing out on powerful reporting. Here’s how to start getting analytics.

That’s not all!

Learn more about:

  • Click tracking, automatically enabled when you get AddThis code, which measures how much traffic sharing brings back to your site, and from where
  • Address bar sharing, an optional feature that measures traffic resulting from your visitors copying your URLs from their browsers and pasting them in emails and IM conversations
  • Analytics reports that help you understand how your visitors are sharing your content
  • Filters to refine your data by domain, time period and other options