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What are Third Party Buttons?

Third party buttons are what we call buttons that don’t originate from AddThis. These are different from our standard buttons because in order to display them we load assets (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) from third parties rather than just from AddThis. This also means that we don’t have sharing endpoints, so their service codes won’t work in the addthis_config variable properties such as services_compact or in email newsletters.

Here’s a list of all the currently supported Third Party Buttons:

  • Facebook Like
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Google Plus One
  • Twitter Native Follow
  • Hyves Respekt
  • LinkedIn Share
  • StumbleUpon Badge
  • Pinterest PinIt
  • Foursquare

What if I want to use a third party service where it’s not supported?

If, for example, you want to put the Facebook button in the compact menu setting, or use Google+ in email newsletter buttons, we offer sharing endpoints for most third-party buttons. Here’s a list of the third-party buttons service codes and the corresponding sharing endpoint service codes:

Service Code Service Endpoint
facebook_like facebook
tweet twitter
google_plusone google_plusone_share
pinterest_pinit pinterest_share
hyves_respekt hyves
linkedin_share linkedin