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Why Isn’t My Share Counter Matching Up?

If you’re wondering why the share counts in your dashboard don’t match up with the share counts that you see on the front of your website, it’s important to understand that these two numbers are measuring different things.

Let’s discuss both metrics and what exactly they’re counting.

Frontend Share Counts

The share counts displayed on your website are pulling directly from the respective social service’s API. Each service varies in what they count as a “share”. But frontend share counts usually measure the occurrences of a specific URL on a particular social network.

Dashboard Share Counts

The share counts in the AddThis dashboard represent the total number of times that a share is performed using the AddThis share buttons specifically. In other words, the share counts that you see in your AddThis analytics are measuring the number of times that a AddThis button was clicked on a particular URL.

If you still have questions about share counts, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team. We are always glad to help!