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We ♥ Developers

AddThis’ APIs make it easy for you to create your own custom social experiences. From creating a custom sharing menu to leveraging AddThis data in your app, we’re here to make it easy. Support is just a few clicks away.


API Overview – This overview includes summaries of each API and provides code examples, definitions, and the situations in which to use them.

Services API – The Services API provides a list of our supported sharing services, along with their icons and service metadata in JSON, JSONP and XML formats.

Client API – The Client API is a client-side JavaScript API that allows you to customize the appearance and behavior of AddThis tools on your pages.

Analytics API – The Analytics API is a set of web services that give you programatic access to your analytics data. Integrate our metrics into your own tools and workflow.

Sharing Endpoints – This is a set of simple oExchange URL endpoints you can use to initiate sharing to any web site supported by the AddThis platform.

Web Service Framework – This document describes common properties of all web services available on