Button Placement

AddThis does not have any rules about where you place the button.  You can put it wherever you want, but we do have some suggestions.

Place this part of the code at the location where you want your button to show up:

<a href="http://www.addthis.com/bookmark.php" 
	onmouseover="return addthis_open(this, '', '[URL]', '[TITLE]');" 
	onclick="return addthis_sendto();"><img 
	width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="Share" /></a>

You can use div tags, CSS, or, if you must, table tags to place the button so it fits best with your design.

Top of the Page

It is very common for news sites to place the share button near the top of the page.  Here you also see a custom share button.  This helps the menu integrate best with the look and feel of the rest of the web site.

Chicago Sun-Times


After each Blog Post

Here you see examples where the share button has been customized and placed after each blog entry.  Each share button is set to share just that article.




You can putting AddThis in your web site’s sidebar, but may confuse your users.  What exactly are they sharing?  Your sidebar?  Remember it is best to keep the share button close to your content.

Bottom of the Page

Bottom of the page is generally not recommended because your users will need to scroll to the bottom to find the button.  This example used it on the bottom to keep the top of the page clean.

Samsung X360



  • The more visible the button is the more people will bookmark and share your content which should lead to more traffic back to your site.
  • Place the AddThis button close to the content you want shared.
  • It is okay to have the button at the top and bottom of the page, but users will find it easier at the top.
  • The javascript sections are only needed once per page, even if you have multiple AddThis buttons.