Addthis Makes Big Social Data More Actionable for Pubs and Advertisers with Suite of New Tools & Analytics

Maker of Leading Sharing Platform Consolidates Brands Around AddThis as Company Crosses 1.3B User Milestone

McLean, Va. - May 10, 2011 – AddThis launches today a robust set of social plugins, analytics, and audience products to provide a full suite of sharing and engagement tools for publishers and brands. The announcements from the company, formerly known as Clearspring, accompany consolidation of the company's brands under AddThis and come with new milestones for unique users and domains.

As the industry leader on the social open web, AddThis is now used by 14 million domains and reaches over 1.3 billion users monthly. The platform is loaded 3 billion times daily and processes 70 terabytes of real-time social data from across the web weekly to power an end-to-end data-driven product suite.

"The flow of big data for advertisers and publishers is only valuable if the data becomes actionable," says AddThis CEO Ramsey McGrory. "AddThis powers the social web and social advertising through sophisticated data-driven products that make site owners and brands smarter and more effective."

For site owners, AddThis expands its product set beyond sharing to a full suite of social plugins. The addition of Follow, Welcome, and Trending Content plugins and enhanced real-time Analytics will help to help publishers and advertisers make their sites and content more personal and engaging for visitors.

  • Follow Tool – Follow buttons can be placed with content on site to allow users to become fans, followers or subscribers in one click.
  • Trending Content Tool – The Trending Content tool uses a content feed API to continuously promote a brand's top content in real time on their site, in newsletters or on social channels.
  • Welcome Tool – The Welcome tool allows publishers to optimize an incoming user's experience by welcoming them with a personalized greeting and call-to-action.
  • Additions to Analytics platform – The Analytics product is expanding to provide insights on content generating fans and followers and the most popular sharing format - copying/pasting a URL.

"Together AddThis Analytics and the Trending Content tool automatically showcase the content our readers are engaging with most. Trending Content visually programs the most shared articles, while our editors log in to AddThis Analytics to get real-time insights into social performance for creating more of the content our users want," says Ryan Urtheil, Director of Operations, Parade Magazine.

For brands, AddThis is expanding its social suite to activate data for paid-owned-earned strategies with their Social+ audience product set, which serves over 500 brands and their agencies. Social+ audiences leverage the largest social and interest graph on the web, enabling advertisers to tap how users are connected by social behavior, brand affiliation and intent.

"We utilize AddThis data products and services to drive receptive new 1-800-Flowers users into our conversion funnel. For Mother's Day, we are relying on AddThis' custom modeled audience targeting capabilities to reach users at significant scale for greater efficiency and ROI during our biggest holiday period" says Will Ferguson, Senior Director of Online Marketing, 1-800-Flowers.

"We partner with the AddThis team on social data solutions because AddThis' audiences provide quality reach we can't get elsewhere." said Xaxis' Eugene Becker.

As of May 10, 2012, the AddThis, Clearspring Technologies, and XGraph will consolidate and move forward under the name AddThis. XGraph will remain a standalone brand for the data technology and processing platform of AddThis.

About AddThis

AddThis is the leader in socially connecting publishers, services and advertisers to audiences on the open web. Reaching more than 1.3 billion unique users monthly, AddThis' social tools and analytics are used on more than 14 million unique domains to distribute and track digital content such as web pages, widgets, and videos to social networks, bookmarking sites, blogs, and more. AddThis' proprietary XGraph data technology processes 70 percent of the world's web traffic to deliver real-time insights, data-driven tools, and high-performing audience products. Visit to learn more.

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