Clearspring's AddThis Platform First to Offer Real-time Analytics Across All Social Sharing Site Activity

ew Features Enable Web Sites to Measure Impact of Copy and Paste Sharing on Website Traffic in Addition to Measuring Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1 Buttons and More

McLean, Va. - June 8, 2011 — Clearspring provider of the largest online content sharing platform AddThis, announced today its AddThis platform now enables publishers to analyze all content sharing activity in real-time through an easy-to-use online dashboard. AddThis analytics provides the first complete view of content sharing that, in addition to all sharing through the AddThis platform, now includes all content shared by users copying and pasting links from the address bar of a browser. With new real-time insights about all the ways users share content, publishers have a single dashboard from which they can measure the impact of sharing and referral traffic from social sites.

"AddThis is now the only sharing platform to enable a publisher to track all sharing activity, but also to do it real-time. For the first time, web sites can monitor all sharing activity coming from their site—including copy and pasted links-from a single dashboard and can more easily leverage this data to optimize their sites," Hooman Radfar, founder and CEO of Clearspring. "Unlike with SEO, social media optimization happens in real-time. It's not about days, or weeks; it's about minutes and seconds. When social groundswell occurs, publishers will be able to jump on it—live."

The new AddThis Live View shows all shares and clicks as they happen, grouping them by content, and automatically promoting the most active URLs to the top of the feed. Publishers can use this information to modify site layouts, editorial and content marketing tactics in response to continuous feedback about viewers' activities. This makes it easier for publishers to accurately understand traffic-generating content without switching between different application dashboards.

"With real-time analytics, we can see immediately which articles resonated with our readers—so much so that they chose to share that content with their friends and followers," said Michelle Kessler, social media editor for USA TODAY. "We hope to use this valuable information to respond quickly with content promotion, related content or potential follow-up stories."

AddThis also provides data on sharing occurring via the browser address bar. When publishers opt-in to use this new feature, every page served up is assigned a unique URL that shows publishers who among their audience has copied and pasted a link to a piece of content to share it with their network. This lets them more accurately understand reader behavior-especially those who are using email or third-party applications to share-and anonymously identify certain users as key influencers.

If you'd like to learn more about AddThis analytics, please visit the AddThis analytics page or login into your account here: You can also check out the product video here:

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