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Boost traffic

Increase page views and audience by encouraging visitors to share content to social channels with the best buttons in the business.

Get Sharing Buttons

Smartest sharing buttons on the web

  • Personalized to show each user the services that they use most
  • Integrated with over 300+ services (Facebook, Twitter and more)
  • 70+ languages automatically localized
  • Share multiple content types (pages, widgets, images, video, and more)
  • Works with your pages (Javascript, Flash, and HTML)

Easy to install and fully customizable code

  • One piece of HTML code that's easy to add to your site
  • Easy-to-add CMS plugins (Blogger, Joomla, WordPress, and more)
  • Third-party native button support (Like, Tweet, Pin and more)
  • Choose from multiple form-factors (buttons, menu, bars, and more)
  • APIs to customize branding, services listed, and more

Complete sharing activity measurement across social channels

  • Understand sharing across Likes, Tweets, URL copies, and more
  • Track sharing that occurs outside of plugins via copy and paste from address bar
  • Track text copy and paste activity on pages
  • Optimize the social life-cycle, from shares and clicks to follows and engagement

Best sharing solution for mobile

  • Sharing interfaces auto-optimized for mobile browsers.
  • Full analytics support to correlate mobile and web sharing activity
  • IOS SDK available
  • Android SDK available

Safe, secure, and trusted platform

  • Low footprint and caching via Akamai
  • SSL/HTTP support
  • Privacy safe (NAI, IAB, Evideon)
  • 508 compliant for accessibility
  • AddThis used by 14M publishers