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What People Are Saying About Acrobat(R) 3.0
Lucent Technology Customer Information Center "Acrobat software lets users create documents only once for both hard copy and electronic distribution, helping businesses to more quickly gain the cost advantages of electronic documents without sacrificing the high-quality look and feel of the printed original. Given the number and length of the documents we have in PDF, features such as the page-at-a-time downloading in Acrobat 3.0 software can help make accessing information in these documents even more efficient for the end user. Since implementing our electronic document distribution system using the Internet and PDF, we have realized a cost savings of up to 90% over traditional paper distribution."

David J. Roller, Manager, Strategic Planning and New Technology

Sallie Mae "We want our investors to have access to our financial information as soon as it is available. By publishing our documents in PDF on the Web, we reduce the time to disclose information to our customers from days to minutes. Standardizing on PDF files for our Investor web site provides three key benefits: documents that retain the "look and feel" and the integrity of the information contained in the original printed version; text within the PDF files that is searchable; and the Acrobat Reader is free from Adobe. In addition we can deliver these documents on the Web without incurring the time and cost of reauthoring for electronic distribution."

"We had two goals with respect to timely distribution of information over the Internet. We wanted to reach the data vendors that publish and redistribute financial information around the globe, as well as to individual investors who have access to the World Wide Web. Distributing our documents over the Internet costs virtually nothing, and we can reach more people than ever before."

Gregory Smith, Director of Corporate Finance and Systems

Rane Corporation "Acrobat has completely changed the way we assemble and distribute our technical materials. By making documents available on the Web in PDF, customers can quickly download materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new features of Acrobat 3.0, such as the integration with popular Web browsers and enhanced file compression, should help make customer access to materials even more efficient. Using Acrobat software, we have saved thousands of dollars every year because we can now print documents on-demand, rather than storing hundreds of offset printed copies."

Steve Turnridge, Systems Manager

University of Southern California Electronic Publishing Department "Adobe Acrobat lets us distribute the same high-quality documents over the Web that we used to distribute in hard copy. Now we don't incur the time or expense of reauthoring these documents, or the costs of printing and mailing them. With capabilities such as page-at-a-time downloading, Acrobat 3.0 speed the searching and downloading of files and, because it's integrated into the two most popular Web browsers, users only have to deal with a single interface to access PDF documents on the Web."

Michael McHugh, Creative Director, Electronic and Print Media

Los Angeles Times "By publishing a Web version of our Washington D.C. edition in PDF, we capture the exact look and feel of the printed newspaper and deliver visually appealing content to our readers no matter where they are. The Web allows us to reach more international readers than ever before. With Acrobat, we can take our existing work and convert it automatically into Web-ready content. People can start reading almost immediately with the new Acrobat 3.0 features, such as page-at-a-time downloading and enhanced file compression."

Travis Smith, Electronic Editor of Business and Technology

Apple Computer, Inc. "Apple has long recognized the benefits of Adobe(R) Acrobat as a technology that complements the Macintosh's role as the authoring platform of choice for media-rich user experiences, both on and off the Internet. Acrobat 3.0 will be a valuable addition to many of Apple's Internet-related product offerings, such as Apple(R) Internet servers, the Apple Internet Connection Kit (AICK) and Apple's new Cyberdog Internet software suite."

Larry Tesler, Vice President of Internet Platforms

Canon "Our customers are expressing tremendous interest in PDF as a file format for on-line publishing. With Acrobat and Canon(R) GP Series multifunction systems, users can move paper information into the digital arena, creating a whole new forum for archiving, accessing, and sharing important documents on the Internet and corporate intranets."

Dennis Amorosano, Manager Networked Office Systems Division

Hewlett-Packard "Acrobat software provides a powerful solution for medium and small businesses to easily create Web-ready content with the applications they already use. With its ability to help customers easily share information across platforms, Acrobat can be an important tool for customers who want to leverage the Internet for their business needs. At Hewlett-Packard, we see the important contribution Acrobat can make to more effectively using the Web, which is why we are bundling the Acrobat Reader with our Vectra 500 Series PCs."

Cathie Lederle, Product Manager, Small Business Computers

"The HP ScanJet 4Si network scanner works in tandem with Acrobat and Acrobat Capture(R) enhancing the way users can distribute, share and file documents throughout the network. With a network scanner and PDF, all members of a workgroup can easily share their paper-based information with others across their LAN or across the Internet."

Dennis Hamann, Product Marketing Manager

Illustra Information Technologies, Inc. "PDF is rapidly becoming the standard format for rich documents throughout corporations, both internally and on the World Wide Web. We look forward to working with Adobe and enabling customers to better manage the wide variety of content available in PDF."

Bruce Golden, Vice President of Business Unit Marketing

Infoseek "We believe that Adobe Acrobat is an increasingly important application for Web users. Shortly, we plan to add support for Acrobat documents in Infoseek Guide, our leading Internet navigation service."

Sandra Bernardi, Product Marketing Manager

Intel "The combination of Intel Architecture PCs with Adobe Acrobat 3.0 software's innovative imaging technology will greatly enhance the experience of the web for a broad set of users, allowing them to create much richer hybrid content and share graphical images easily via corporate Intranets and the web. Providing easy-to-use Web content creation tools to business computer users, previously the domain of professional designers and Webmasters, will add a new dimension to the way people use their Intel Architecture PCs to work and communicate."

Ronald J. Whittier, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Intel's Content Group

Los Angeles Times "Adobe Acrobat 3.0 enables us to deliver special material, such as our Washington edition, via our Web site while maintaining the edition's prestigious look and feel. Adobe's PDF provides us with design control we just couldn't get with HTML. We can meet our customers' expectations for layout and design on specific elements and still allow them to view and navigate PDF files quickly within their Web browser. We are very excited to have the ability to integrate PDF files into our Web site."(

Deirdre Eagles, Director of New Media

Microsoft "The ability to easily access rich information from the desktop is one of the most important features driving the acceptance of the Web. Adobe's support of ActiveX will enable Acrobat customers and developers to fully exploit all the features of PDF in the widest variety of applications and browsers."

Brad Chase, General Manager, Internet Platform and Tools Division

Netscape "By leveraging the Netscape(TM) Plug-in API, Adobe Acrobat 3.0 makes it easy for the over 30 million users of Netscape Navigator(TM) to view, search, and download PDF files on the Internet as easily as they browse HTML documents. The Acrobat Plug-in for Netscape Navigator enables users to access the wealth of PDF information on the Web, such as critical business documents created with a broad set of desktop authoring tools."

Mike Homer, Senior Vice President of Marketing

O'Reilly & Associates "With all the excitement over the Web, it's easy to overlook what it doesn't do well: handle very large documents or those that have requirements for rigorous page fidelity. This has made it difficult for publishers to bring certain types of publications (such as books) to the Web. Since Acrobat 3.0 has added page-at-a-time support, which we integrated seamlessly into the WebSite server, we see whole new Web publishing opportunities opening up. This is something we've been waiting for."

Tim O'Reilly, Founder and President

"We recognize the importance of Acrobat 3.0 page-at-a-time reading. It makes Acrobat into a practical, powerful tool for distributing information in Internet and Intranet applications. We added the support into the core of WebSite's delivery engine for maximum efficiency."

Robert Denny, Developer of WebSite

Project Cool "With the release of Acrobat 3.0 and the optimization of PDF for the Web, Web developers now have a huge amount of control and flexibility in designing rich content for the Internet. Acrobat provides the ultimate computer publishing tool because it frees Web developers from the design limitations of HTML while giving them the choice to create content using practically any kind of authoring software. If you can print, you can publish on the Web."

Glenn Davis, Cofounder

SAP "Acrobat 3.0 will help enrich customers' experience of the Web by providing an interactive, cross-platform standard for rich content. Through support of interactive forms, PDF allows our customers to leverage their investment in SAP technology by enabling them to easily deploy cross-platform, highly formatted interfaces to SAP applications. Using existing forms, rather than having to create them by hand using HTML, provides a higher quality, more natural user interface. Instead of trying to approximate, we can maintain the true look and feel of the forms our customers use today."

Robert Wenig, Director Advanced Technology

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