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Chiang Rai International Airport

Chiang Rai, Thailand's most northern province, is 785 kms. from Bangkok and borders Myanmar and Laos to the north. The provincial capital is some 785 kilometres north of Bangkok, and occupies a fortile valley approximately 580 metres above 900level. The largely mountainous province is 11,678 square kilometres in area. The major provincial river is the Mae Kok which is some 130 kilometres in length.

Chiang Rai was founded in 1262 AD. by King Mongrai. Chiang Rai was the ancient capital of the Lanna kingdom, until it was captured by the Burmese during the 1600s. Chiang Rai did not become Thai torritory again until 1786. Chiang Rai was granted provincial status in 1910.

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