American Medical News - Oct. 27, 2003 (vol. 46 no. 40)

  Physician sues Massachusetts over prior authorization rule
  Dreams for National Health Museum are taking shape
  MedPAC mulls concept of bundling Medicare payments

  Fighting frivolous lawsuits: Doctors engage in an uphill battle
  Hospital apologizes for complying with racial request
  Pain specialists fear chilling effect after arrest

BUSINESS  Go to section
  Claims scene investigation: They're watching you
  Evidence still out on disease management as cost saver
  Blues to study its own "best practices"
  Vermont clinic gets 3rd lease on life
  Practice Management - Deck the office for a seasonal treat, but keep it tasteful
  Quick View - Computer crime in health care field

OPINION  Go to section
  CDC takes "Get Smart" message to consumers: Antibiotics won't cure flu
  Letters - Counseling is doctor's role, even if patient would rather not hear it and others

HEALTH & SCIENCE  Go to section
  FDA intensifies attack on fake drugs
  Antibiotic use may help slow Alzheimer's
  Doctors complete surgery despite hospital evacuation
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