AOL offers both industry standard and custom advertising solutions. This section is designed to provide the necessary standards and guidelines information to run advertising programs across AOL 's community of brands. Standard Media Formats and Rich Media Formats comply with IAB's Interactive Marketing Unit standards. Please view Custom Ad Formats  for AOL 's unique ad solutions offered across select programming and brands. All three Ad Formats sections provide the following information by ad unit:

  • Advertising specifications
  • Creative guidelines
  • Submission guidelines

For specific creative related guidelines and policies, such as Flashing Coding or Screen Exceptions , please refer to the Additional Instructions section.

For specific business related guidelines and policies, such as Terms and Conditions , please refer to the Policies and Guidelines section.

Please contact your Sales Representative with any questions.

All text and graphics stay within ad banner

Expandable Banner
Ad expands beyond its original size upon user or host initiation

Floating Ad with Banner Reminder
Banner ad contains an associated graphic element that appears in a separate location on the page often starting from, or resolving into, the banner space.

Floating Ad with Floating Reminder
Ads that move, "float," in an invisible layer on top of the page. Graphic may also include a reminder ad that also floats on top of the page.

Full-page ads that appear over the page upon site entry or between pages during user navigation

Ads that appear over or under the page in a separate browser window

Text Links and Newsletter Ads
Text-based ads that run alongside content on various properties or in one of AOLTW's many direct email newsletters