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Here is a directory of technical details pertinent to developers, committers, release managers and Project Management Committee (PMC) members contributing to any Apache project.

If you can't find information here, ask on your project's mailing list, or contact the Community Development project's mailing list for more general questions. There are many experienced ASF people ready to help.

Apache Infrastructure

Committers and Contributors

Project Management Committees (PMCs)

The project PMC must be involved in any requests for Infrastructure assistance. Remember that PMCs can handle many infrastructure items themselves. Read the PMC FAQ.

Learn how to...

Learn the duties of the PMC Chairs

Licenses, Trademarks, and Legal issues

Version Control

Apache Project Websites

How to

Software Product Releases

Issue and Bug Tracking

Each project uses their own issue tracker to track bugs, enhancement requests, and other action items - typically JIRA, BugZilla, or GitHub Issues. Every Apache project decides how to track issues, so check the project website of the project in which you are interestaed to learn what they use.

Mailing Lists

Pasting data to share with others

Apache provides a paste bin service for committers to use at

Anyone can view the pastes (except those marked 'committers only'), but only committers are allowed to paste new data on the site.

Apache URL Shortener Service

Infrastructure hosts the URL shortening service for our committers. When including URLs in PMC reports, please use this service and not other URL shorteners.