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Frequently Asked Questions

People have many questions about Parliament. We have listed some of the more frequently asked ones below..

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Is there an index to the information available on the Parliament's site?

About Parliament:

Is Hansard up on the Internet?
How can I find subject information on politics or on political issues?
When is Parliament sitting?
What legislation is before the current Parliament?
What has the Parliamentary Library published?
How do I find the names of Opposition Leaders or Ministers or Prime Ministers since 1901?
What election and referendum information is available?
How do I find information about Committees or get Committee transcripts?
Is there an overview of Parliament?


About Senators and Members:

How can I contact Senators and Members of Parliament?
How can I contact the Prime Minister?
How can I find biographical information on Members and Senators?
How can I find the home page of a Member or a Senator?
How can I find the current Ministry and Shadow Ministry?
How can I find numbers of party representation in the Senate and House of Representatives?



What Australian and overseas political parties have home pages?
Where can I find information on government departments and agencies?
Which other Parliaments are on the Internet?
Does the Governor-General have a home page?
Some Hansard information and bills information is in PDF format.
Who do I contact about art works in Parliament House?