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Think TV. Download the "Bunny" TV spot, our scorching sequel to the celebrated "Snail" commercial. "Bunny" toasts the Pentium II in public, and it's always good for a chuckle when you're in the mood to pick up the pace. (You never know—you might pick up some dance steps, too.) [Apr 7]

State of the art. The AppleMasters use technology to pursue the farthest reaches of the imagination. See how Douglas Adams, Tom Clancy, Michael Kamen, Gregory Hines and other pioneers change the world with Macintosh. [Apr 7]

Join the club. The Apple User Group web site offers valuable information, resources and contacts for Apple user group leaders, members and prospective members. [Apr 7]

Powerful assistance. The Disability Connection provides a guide to the world of Macintosh computing for those with disabilities. [Apr 7]

Work different. Apple is looking for people who know ASIC, CAD development, Unix, NeXTStep/OpenStep, OOD/OOP, C++, SAP or AIX. If you have experience with these and want to join a passionate company on the verge of greatness, send us your resume today. [Apr 8]

Product registration and sweepstakes. Register your Apple products, and we'll keep you up-to-date on all the latest product and software upgrades. When you register, we'll automatically enter you in our sweepstakes. The current prize is a Power Mac G3 desktop/233 MHz with Apple 17" Monitor. [Apr 7]

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