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We appreciate hearing from our customers. Before you write, please take a look at some common questions people ask us about Where to Buy, along with our responses.

Where to Buy Questions

Why did the Locator return a list of addresses rather than a map when I clicked on the Submit button?

If the system is unable to interpret your address exactly, a list of candidates will be provided. Simply select the address range from the list that most closely matches your search address. If there is not an exact address match and a candidate list is not returned, please clear the Street Address field and enter the nearest intersection.

Can I print the map that is displayed?

The map can be printed by using the standard functions built into your browser. The map result page should be completely loaded before trying to print.

How can I learn more about locations that I have found using the Locator?

By clicking on the Name or clicking the location on the map directly, you will receive a "Zoom-In" map and additional information about the selected location.

Support Questions

Support for Apple products is specified in the materials that come with the product at the time of purchase. Check these materials to discover what support is available and how to access it. Apple has developed Technical Support Online to help you with your technical support issues. Here you'll find the Apple Discussion Forums, a support system which facilitates the exchange of ideas, problems, and solutions.

For answers to other frequently asked questions, please see the main Contact Us page.

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