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Apple Computer's Disability Connection

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About Us
Apple Computer's Worldwide Disability Solutions Group (WDSG) was the industry's first corporate resource for people with disability.

Where it's OK to be not OK.
Convomania is a place where kids with serious illness and disability are making friends, telling jokes, and offering support to one another. They're also changing the world...

Mac Access Passport
Searching for third-party universal access solutions? The Mac Access Passport (MAP) catalogs more than 100 add-on products for the Macintosh.

Click here for information about Macintosh assistive technologies. Download Easy Access. Read our resource sheets for specific disabilities. And discover links to other places on the web.

Mac OS 8 and Universal Access
All of the Easy Access features (now called Universal Access) are neatly bundled inside Mac OS 8. Installation is an easy four step process. Or save yourself some time and download Easy Access from here.

What's New In Assistive Technology
Cutting edge assistive technology products includes voice recognition and a Macintosh specifically designed for people who are disabled.

Software Library
Our software library includes freeware and shareware specific to the needs of users with disabilities.

Online Chats
Talk City offers over 900 moderated chats a week. Many of the chats are disability-related, such as "Living with Multiple Sclerosis" or "Special Needs Children".

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