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  Apple Cinema Display Vista Point.
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Apple Cinema Display

The 22-inch (diagonal) Apple Cinema Display offers a panoramic view — enough to see as much as two full A4-size pages of text, with room left over for menus, video clips, tool bars and palettes.

With a resolution of 1600 by 1024 pixels, the Apple Cinema Display delivers twice the brightness, twice the sharpness, and three times the contrast of ordinary displays. The largest LCD ever brought to market, the Apple Cinema Display is ideal for the demanding professional user.

An important aspect
An important consideration of display size is aspect ratio (meaning the ratio of width to height of a screen or image). In the case of the Apple Cinema Display, the aspect ratio results in a unique wide-screen format — especially useful for creative professionals working with full-motion video. This screen is large enough for you to edit DVD movies in their native HDTV format, making it perfect for working with Final Cut Pro.

Easy on your eyes
Pixel density is something else to watch out for. After all, you don’t want to have to squint to see images because the pixel density at high resolution makes them too small to see without magnification. With the Apple Cinema Display, the pixel density allows you to use the display at the maximum resolution all the time — and still view everything at a size and sharpness that’s easy on your eyes.

Check out the color
The Apple Cinema Display has a dazzling color gamut — 16.7 million colors, in fact. And the color remains consistent even when viewed at an angle. In fact, the Apple Cinema Display has a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, both horizontal and vertical, so it can deliver accurate colors at angles that are twice as wide as as those of lesser brands.

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