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Apple Studio Display
Apple Studip Display. Priced to change your views on flat-panel monitors.
Tech SpecsFeatures
Apple Studio Display
No edge distortion
Unlike other CRT models, the Apple Studio Display screen is virtually flat both vertically and horizontally — eliminating edge distortion, improving focus and reducing glare.

Powerful software controls
As an added fillip, the Apple Studio Display comes with powerful software that lets you make all screen adjustments where they should be made — onscreen.

It does that with ColorSync, Apple’s patented internal calibration technology that controls color accuracy for the lifetime of your display

Besides exceptional color accuracy, the 17-inch (16-inch viewable) Apple Studio Display offers sharp, clear screen resolution and flicker-free refresh rates. The Apple Studio Display features the industry’s most advanced CRT technology — the Natural Flat Diamondtron with its ultrafine aperture grille pitch. (That’s not gobbledygook, by the way: aperture grille technology ensures bright, vibrant images with great contrast and minimal distortion. It’s also less susceptible than other technologies to warping from the heat, a condition that distorts screen colors.)

Compensates for color shifts
As time goes on, the display uses ColorSync to adjust its internal electron beam to maintain the precise color calibrations it came with when it left the factory. The Apple Studio Display can even compensate for various shifts in color caused by changes in ambient light. And because the display stores its own ColorSync profiles, it can exchange color information with scanners, printers, and other devices that often have very different color gamuts. This color consistency translates into fewer trial-and-error experiments when you’re producing color documents. A mainstay of the printing industry, ColorSync is so precise that it can even reproduce PANTONE colors onscreen.

Theater Mode for enhanced viewing
The Apple Studio Display also comes with an innovative new feature you won’t find anywhere else. We call it Theater Mode, and it’s just the ticket for enhanced viewing. It’s an innovative capability that’s integrated into the Apple Studio Display. When you watch an iMovie, DVD or QuickTime movie, Theater Mode automatically brightens the screen for enhanced viewing — and for a heightened cinematic experience.

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