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Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Information

We appreciate hearing from our customers. Before you write, please take a look at some common questions people ask us about Education, along with our responses.

Education Questions

Where can I find price lists?

Educators or administrators must complete an initial registration form to access the preschool through high school price list.

Higher Education product and price lists are available for qualified institutional customers via a secure web site at To request access to this web site please contact your local Higher Education Account Executive or contact the Apple Inside Sales Office at 1-800-998-2775.

What institutions are eligible to purchase from Apple Education?

  1. Public or private educational institutions
  2. Nonprofit -- not just a 501(C3) tax designation; an institution can be nonprofit and still not qualify.
  3. Degree granting
  4. State-accredited

If you have any questions regarding your institution's eligibility to purchase from Apple Education, please call 800-800-2775 (APPL) and choose option 2, then 3.

Whom do I contact about a personal purchase if I am an educator using personal funds?

Educators may make personal purchases through our Educator Advantage Program. To reach Educator Advantage call 800-800-2775 (APPL) and choose option 3.

How do I place an order with Apple for institutional purchases?

Apple takes written orders from Higher Ed or K-12 Institutions via mail or fax. All orders must be received on a school purchase order. Please include the following information on your order:

  • Product description
  • Part #
  • Pricing
  • Quantity requested
  • Total purchase price
  • Bill-to address -- Which must be a Higher Ed or K-12 institution; not a PTO, PTA, or school organization.
  • Ship-to address -- Must be a school
  • Authorizing signature -- Principal, Purchasing Agent, Accountant, etc. (someone who has the authority to spend the money).

Where do I send Apple school purchase orders?

Send your orders by mail to:

Apple Computer, Attention: 198-ED
2420 Ridgepoint Drive
PO Box 149116
Austin, Texas 78714-9116

Fax school purchase orders to 512-919-2992

Whom do I call about the status of my order?

You can access our automated shipping history status system by calling 800-800-2775 (APPL) and choosing options 2, then 2, then 1. Please have your customer and sales order numbers available.

Support Questions

Support for Apple products is specified in the materials that come with the product at the time of purchase. Check these materials to discover what support is available and how to access it. Apple has developed Technical Support Online to help you with your technical support issues. Here you'll find the Apple Discussion Forums, a support system which facilitates the exchange of ideas, problems, and solutions.

For answers to other frequently asked questions, please see the main Contact Us page.

If you still have questions or comments after reading this, please send feedback to K-12 Education or Higher Education.


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