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LiveType Interface

Introducing Livetype. Create titles with a life of their own.

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LiveType revolutionizes titling with a breakthrough new font standard — LiveFonts, the world’s first animated font standard, available only on the Macintosh platform — as well as a whole new way to create effects.

Now you can create dynamic, professional-quality animated titles quickly and easily with LiveFonts, an easier-to-use approach to keyframe animation, as well as customizable effects, sophisticated project templates, and royalty-free broadcast-quality animated content.

  • Buildable animated behaviors let you create and share text effects between projects.
  • Professional templates lets you get your project off to a fast start (and you can build and save your own templates, as well).
  • Wireframe preview lets you see your work in real time.
  • Keyframe animation in LiveType makes it easy to create and save your own effects.
  • Royalty-free content library lets you create broadcast-quality animations right out of the box.
  • Dynamic individual character control gives you creative freedom — and control.
  • Imports and exports all QuickTime-supported file formats, including Photoshop, JPEG, TIFF and PICT.
  • Import clips from Final Cut Pro 4 complete with markers, so it’s easy to synchronize your titles to important video and audio transitions in your Final Cut Pro 4 projects.

Be as creative as you want to be
LiveFonts give you the creative freedom to use text as a visual metaphor — just the way it’s used in big-budget productions bankrolled by the major studios — and it adds an exciting new dimension to your capabilities.

LiveType features professionally animated font styles and a powerful FontMaker utility. So even before you apply movement and effects to your titles, every character has a life of its own.

Royalty-free content
LiveType comes with 350 broadcast-quality animated textures and objects that you can use in your projects royalty-free — in effect, allowing even non-animators to produce professional-level content.

Effects tab Customizable Effects
Effects in LiveType are like digital building blocks — modular behaviors that include movement, transformation and timing parameters. The pre-built effects that come with LiveType give you the power to add fades, zooms, rotations, and motion to your titles, and you can create your own styles by adjusting these existing effects within the LiveType interface. You can also use LiveType to easily create your own effects dynamically on the fly, and can even save them for use on future projects.

Timing is everything
Thanks to LiveType, creating animation is easier than ever before. Each keyframe, for instance, contains all the parameters for an element, eliminating the time-consuming hassle of long keyframe stacks. Powerful timing features allow you to precisely control every aspect of your animation. And since LiveType treats every character of the word as a separate layer, sequencing gives you the creative freedom to move single characters within a text block with individual timing elements, so you’re not limited to using blocks of text that fly around the screen as one image.


LiveType features

LiveFonts give you the creative freedom to use text as a visual metaphor.
150 customizable effects
LiveType does a better job of handling effects than any other titling application out there.

Markers for clips

Chapter markers
LiveType maintains the markers for clips imported from Final Cut Pro 4, letting you work with pinpoint accuracy when you’re synchronizing the motion and appearance of the titles with your video and audio tracks.

Need to see how you’re doing?

LiveType comes with a real-time preview window for quick, accurate previews of font behaviors and motion. That means you don’t have to waste time rendering effects you’re experimenting with to see how they’d look.

Playback controls
Transport controls give you another way to view your project — with a Canvas RAM preview, helping you meet critical deadlines.

Sophisticated project templates

Project template
Want to get your project off to a fast start? LiveType’s sophisticated project templates let you set up even the most complex projects quickly and easily. You can also save your own projects as templates and use them on future show, or in multiple instances within the same show.

Don’t forget the judges at Cannes

Unicode system font support We didn’t. That’s why LiveType features Unicode system font support for French, Japanese and German users, and why LiveFonts contain international characters for French, Spanish and German language titles.

Ahead of the curve

Type on a curve
Want to type on a curve or along the edge of a corporate logo? LiveType makes it easy to do. And since your baseline is dynamic, it can be changed even after you’re done typing. The text adjusts to its new position automatically.

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