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Record a track. Edit a movie. Write a novel, present your big idea, or crunch some numbers. Apple apps from the App Store are designed by the people who designed the iPad. And they give you the power and versatility to do more than you ever thought possible. Wherever you go.

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iMovie on the large iPad screen is full of features that make editing HD movies fast and fun. The Multi-Touch Precision Editor gives you the control to make the perfect cut. Edit multiple audio tracks with waveforms that let you see what you’re hearing. And discover many other features — from dynamic themes to direct HD sharing — that make iMovie on iPad an amazing experience.
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GarageBand video

Built from the ground up to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen on iPad, GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of musical instruments and a full-featured recording studio, making it fun and easy to create music wherever you go. Play a collection of Touch Instruments and Smart Instruments using Multi-Touch gestures. Or create a song whenever the inspiration strikes using a powerful eight-track recording studio.
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Reading is a joy on iPad. Text looks crisp and bright. Pages turn with a flick. And you can buy new books from the iBookstore. Just download the free iBooks app to get started.*
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Create presentations with custom graphic styles, elegantly designed themes, stunning animations and effects, and powerful features designed for iPad.
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Pages has everything you need to put your words into beautiful documents. Including Apple-designed templates and easy-to-use formatting tools.
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Numbers includes over 250 easy-to-use functions, an intelligent keyboard, flexible tables, and eye-catching charts. So you can create compelling spreadsheets in just a few taps.
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