Music, movies, and more. On the iTunes Store.

If it makes you want to sing, dance, listen, watch, or play, it’s most definitely on iTunes.

The Redesigned iTunes Store

Entertainment never sleeps.

Visit the newly redesigned iTunes Store, where it’s even more fun to browse music, movies, TV shows, apps, podcasts, and more — anytime, day or night. You can shop at home on your Mac or PC, and iTunes automatically transfers your purchases to your iPod. Or you can shop the iTunes Store directly from your iPhone, iPod touch, or television via Apple TV. Any way you play it, entertainment goes wherever you go.

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Your entire digital music collection.
All in one place.

The music you love (and the music you have yet to discover) is just a click away. You’ll find millions of high-quality, DRM-free songs on the iTunes Store all for just 69¢, 99¢, or $1.29. Browse around. Have a listen. See what’s new, what’s hot, and what other fans are listening to. iTunes recommends music based on what you already like, so you can always find something new to enjoy. When you download select albums, you’ll experience iTunes LP — a beautifully designed, interactive world right in your iTunes library. Many are created by the artists. While you listen to your favorite songs on your Mac or PC, dive into the lyrics and liner notes, view photos, watch videos, and enjoy other bonus materials.
See the top 100 songs in iTunes

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Buy or rent movies and watch them in minutes.

From comedy to drama, romance to classic, independent to thriller — movies, movies, and more movies await on the iTunes Store. Browse thousands of releases from every major Hollywood studio. Buy or rent them in standard or high definition. With just a click, they’ll download to your computer, iPhone, iPod touch, or television via Apple TV. When you buy select movies, you’ll discover a world of special features called iTunes Extras — you can watch interviews and trailers, view photos, and more in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC.
See the top 100 movies in iTunes

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TV Shows

Keep up with your TV shows.

And you thought you loved TV before. iTunes brings you your favorite TV shows, uninterrupted, whenever you want, however you want. Even in HD. You can own the latest episode as early as one day after it airs or purchase past episodes you missed. Choose from thousands of commercial-free episodes. For shows that air daily, a Multi-Pass lets you enjoy a month’s worth of episodes. And, like all things on the iTunes Store, you can download and watch from your computer, iPhone, iPod touch, or television via Apple TV.
See the top 100 TV shows in iTunes

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Find your favorite, free podcasts.

The iTunes Store is your source for more than 150,000 podcasts. What’s a podcast? Much like a radio or TV show, it’s a video or audio series about anything and everything. You’ll find podcasts from independent creators as well as big names such as HBO, NPR, ESPN, The Onion, CBS Sports, and The New York Times. Check out the categories — you’re bound to find a podcast you’ll like. You can listen, then click to subscribe. Podcasts download to your iTunes library automatically, so you’ll never miss an episode. You can listen to them on your computer, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV. And best of all, they’re all free.

Interested in podcasts?
Find out more about podcast resources

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App Store

There’s an app for that.

Handy, clever, and fun applications — also known as apps — make your iPhone or iPod touch even more brilliant, and you’ll find them all on the App Store. From business to games, education to entertainment, finance to health and fitness, productivity to social networking, there’s an app for just about anything. And you can download many for free. Search and browse apps just as you would with music or movies. Look to the Genius recommendations for apps on your iPod touch or iPhone for new apps you’ll love based on the ones you have. The App Store is also where you’ll find games designed specifically for your Click Wheel-based iPod. Preview games before you buy. When you find a game you want, download it, sync it to your iPod, and start playing.
Visit the App Store in iTunes

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Catch up on your reading just by listening.

The iTunes Store includes a well-stocked library of the world’s best-selling audiobooks. You’ll find thousands of titles, and the list keeps growing. Browse biographies, mysteries, comedies, classics, self-help books, and more. Download and listen on your computer or iPod. Audiobooks remember where you left off listening, so you can start one on your couch and continue it on your commute.

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iTunes U

The world’s smartest download.

Discover iTunes U and never stop learning. Download lectures, discussions, language lessons, audiobooks, podcasts, and other opportunities for enlightenment — all from top universities, museums, and other cultural institutions around the world. So whether you’re a college student or a student of life, learn for free with iTunes U.

iTunes Gift Cards

Get ready for big thanks.

Yet another hit in the iTunes Store: Gift Cards. Give songs, albums, playlists, audiobooks, music videos, movies, and TV shows to anyone. Best of all, the lucky recipients choose for themselves — so they get exactly what they want.