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Power Macintosh G3

Introducing the Power Macintosh G3 Series, featuring Apple innovations in processor technology and system architecture that significantly increase both performance and flexibility. Built upon the PowerPC G3—the next generation of PowerPC technology and the first processor optimized for the Mac OS—these computers dramatically alter the price/performance equation.


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Available desktops:
- 233MHz 32MB/4GB
- 266MHz 32MB/4GB/Zip
- Custom Configured

Available minitowers:
- 233MHz 32MB/4GB/56k
- 266MHz 32MB/6GB/AV/Zip
- 266MHz 128MB/4GB UW/etc
- 300MHz 64MB/4GB UW
- 300MHz 128MB/8GB UW/etc
- Custom Configured


- 3 PCI Slots
- 1-2 SCSI Bays
- 3 DIMM Slots
- Up to 384MB

Full Expansion Capabilities

Power Macintosh G3 Benchmarks
MacBench 4 Processor Scores*

G3 Twice as Fast as Pentium II
G3 Up to Twice as Fast as Pentium II


Power Macintosh G3 QTVR
- Minitower (1.6 MB)
- Desktop (1.2 MB)

(Requires QuickTime Plugin)

Next-generation PowerPC processor 233-, 266-MHz, or 300-MHz PowerPC G3 processor is the first optimized for Mac OS. Features 512K level 2 backside cache on the processor module, which delivers remarkably enhanced performance.

Revolutionary system architecture Innovative logic board design allows for more efficiency and increases the system bus speed to maximize processor performance gains.

High-quality communications and multimedia support Built-in Ethernet networking makes communication easy and fast; offers 16-bit stereo audio input/output--plus options for professional video input/output, a digital audio/video connector, and Zip drive. All models come with 24x-speed (maximum) CD-ROM drive or--just added--DVD-ROM, the latest technology for multimedia playback and storage, which provides complete compatibility with existing audio CDs, Photo CDs, CD-ROMs and CD-R discs, yet offers up to seven times more data than a CD-ROM disc.

Outstanding flexibility Three standard 12-inch PCI slots for easy expansion of system functionality--plus easy-to-access design speeds system expansion.

Mac OS 8 system software Spring-loaded folders, pop-up menus, the Internet Setup assistant, and multitasking are just some of the new Mac OS 8 features designed to increase productivity and enjoyment.

Communications package** This powerful package lets you communicate, improve productivity and unwind from a hard day's work. Includes an internal 56-Kbps data/14.4-Kbps fax modem plus Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, America Online, Now Up-to-Date and Contact and more.

*Based on Apple internal testing using MacBench 4.0 processor performance scores. Actual performance on applications will vary. MacBench is a subsystem-level benchmark that measures the relative performance of Mac OS-based systems.

**Available for 233 MHz Minitower 32MB/4GB (M6431LL/A).


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