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Power Macintosh G3

Expansion Capablities
SCSI port Connects your Macintosh to SCSI equipment such as external hard disk drives and scanners.

Ethernet port Connects your Macintosh to an AAUI Ethernet network using an adapter, or to a 10BASE-T network directly.

Serial ports Connect your Macintosh to external devices (e.g., external modem or printer), or to a LocalTalk network or GeoPort Adapter.

Mini jacks for sound input and output ports Connect your Macintosh to audio input equipment (such as an Apple PlainTalk microphone) and provide 16-bit stereo output to headphones or externally powered speakers.

Video input and output ports Composite and S-Video connectors make it easy to connect your Macintosh to video equipment for inputing and exporting video clips. A digital audio/video (DAV) connector supports video compression/decompression cards. (Available in some configurations; see Available Configurations chart for product details.)

Monitor port Connects a monitor to your Macintosh.

Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port Connects your Macintosh to an input device such as a keyboard or a trackball.

Access covers for PCI expansion slots (3) Your Macintosh supports up to three Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) cards.

Security lock ports You can attach a security lock to your Macintosh. See your computer products retailer for security lock devices that work with your computer.

Back Panel
Desktop model

Minitower model

Internal Structure
Desktop model

Minitower model


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