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New PowerBook G3. It’s sleek. It’s intelligent. It’s endlessly adaptable. Oh, and one other thing: It eats Pentium notebooks for lunch. It’s the new PowerBook G3. [May 6]

High-End Options. Check the Apple Store for new high-end options to complete the computer of your dreams, including FireWire, big screens and fast storage. [May 6]

Sorenson Video Codec. The Sorenson Video QuickTime codec lets developers produce very high quality video, even with low bandwidths, and take advantange of smart scene change detection, flexible data rate tracking, custom watermarks and more. [May 6]

A New Look. We’ve refurbished Design & Publishing for easier navigation and a better focus on our customers. Look at the new areas in the Solutions and Resources menus and take a tour of our freshly-painted pages. [Apr 24]

DVD Production. Sonic DesktopDVD is a DVD production system for corporate applications, providing the capability to produce DVD-Video and DVD-ROM content. Watch for Sonic Solutions’ DVD Now Seminar series, coming soon to a city near you. [Apr 23]

PC Week Says G3 Rules. According to PC Week Labs, the 300MHz Power Macintosh G3 delivers “better graphics performance than a desktop system based on Intel Corp.’s new 400MHz Pentium II processor.” [Apr 20]

Fast Pitch. The St. Petersburg Times used Apple Power Mac G3 technology to publish a special edition with a picture of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays first pitch, on sale at the ballpark by the fourth inning of the game. [Apr 20]

Talking ‘Bout a Revolution. “It was plain to see that we were watching the beginning of a revolution,” recalls novelist and AppleMaster Tom Clancy. “The first user-friendly computer, a concept so new that the term for it had yet to be invented.” [Apr 20]

Adobe Helps Websites Get ImageReady. Adobe announces streamlined processing for Web graphics with ImageReady, a new tool that “empowers designers to balance the tradeoffs between file size and image quality.” [Apr 13]

Support for QuickTime 3. More than 25 of the biggest names in multimedia and broadcast have developed products, tools and solutions for QuickTime 3, the industry- standard software for creating and publishing digital media. [Apr 6]


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