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We appreciate hearing from our customers. Before you send feedback, please take a look at some common questions people ask us, along with our responses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple

What support does Apple offer to customers?

Support for Apple products is specified in the materials that come with the product at the time of purchase. Check these materials to discover what support is available and how to access it.

Where can I find customer support online?

The Support area of the Apple web site is the primary source for technical information, support information, and software updates for Apple customers. Support offers access to the Technical Information Library, our database of answers to common technical questions. Support also hosts the Tech Exchange, a support system which facilitates the exchange of ideas, problems, and solutions. You'll also find pointers to the latest Apple software updates and dowonload locations.

What about email customer support?

Apple does not provide general email technical support at this time. Please check the resources listed in the Support area for the latest customer support information.

Where can I download Apple software updates?

The webmaster's advice is to start with Software Updates, part of our Support area. Use the links to Apple's software updates archive to find the software you need.

Why are the Apple software update sites so busy?

Apple's FTP servers handle hundreds of thousands of requests each week. Sometimes, especially after a popular upgrade has been announced, the servers get busy and refuse additional connections in order to serve existing connections. A software update may consist of many large download files and may fill the servers to capacity during the peak of its popularity. If you can't get through, here are some strategies you may try:

  • Try your request at off hours (usually 11 pm to 6 am Central time).
  • If you use AOL, try downloading from the Software Updates in the Apple area on AOL (Keyword: AppleComputer).
  • If you prefer to use an FTP client for downloads and find the servers are too busy, try using the World Wide Web pages to start your search and only switch to FTP when you need to transfer software.
  • Try again in a few days.

I've heard that Apple is working on a new product called (insert any code name here)

It is Apple's policy not to comment on unannounced products or products under development, whether or not they actually exist. Nor is it our policy to discuss release dates. You can look in the following places for the earliest discussions of new products:

Media & Analyst Information
This site, published for the press and analyst community by Apple's Public Relations organization, maintains pointers to the latest breaking news from Apple. You will also find links to current press releases and our press release archive.

Mac OS home page
The Mac OS team has also posted information about future development of in the Macintosh operating system on the Mac OS Web site.

Where can I find prices for Apple products?

For Apple's U.S. prices on direct sales to individuals, see the Apple Store.

What kind of discounts can college students get on Apple products?

Contact your campus reseller for more information about sales to college students. To find a campus resellers near you, see the catalog section of the Campus Direct Web site or call Campus Direct at 1-800-877-4433.

How can I send email to someone I know who works at Apple?

Apple does not have a public index of the email addresses of its employees, and we cannot guarantee that email sent in care of Apple will be forwarded to an internal email address.

I need to license Apple software for distribution to my clients, usergroup, or company. Whom should I contact?

In order to legally distribute Apple software, you will need to file a licensing agreement with Apple Software Licensing. For further details, look at the Software Licensing page at <> or contact the Software Licensing department at:
+1-512-919-2645 (voice)
+1-512-919-2120 (fax)
Apple Software Licensing
2420 Ridgepoint Dr MS 198-SWL
Austin, TX 78754

How can I become a beta tester for Apple?

Visit our Customer Quality Feedback (CQF) site. CQF is an Apple end-user seeding program that provides you, as an Apple customer, with an opportunity to influence the development of Apple products.

Is this the only list of Frequently Asked Questions about your web site? How can I get more information?

You will find more answers to Frequently Asked Questions for each area of our web site. Choose your area of interest:

How do I send Web site feedback?

If you still have questions or comments after reading this, please send feedback. Sending feedback will not help you get customer support. Please visit the Support area of the web site for customer support.

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