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Engineering tips from the QuickTime Team.
Sample Code
Tools & Resources
API DocumentationThere are over 7,600 HTML pages of documentation that will get your started using QuickTime, QuickTime VR, QuickDraw 3D, including documentation specific to Windows developers. Sample Code Check out this sample code for creating and editing movies, exploring the effects architecture, QuickTime VR and QuickDraw 3D movies and more. Plenty of Windows sample code is available to get developers new to QuickTime up and running.

Tools & Utilities
Find tools and utilities that are useful for exploring QuickTime, as well as creating and editing movies which take advantage of the powerful new features in QuickTime 3.

License & Logo Information
Look here to find out information you need to know about licensing QuickTime 3 to include with your products, and how to use and display the QuickTime 3 logo.

Interfaces & Libraries
Before you can start building your QuickTime products, you will need to download these QuickTime Interfaces, Libraries and Tools.

Technical Resources & Support
Check here for more technical information, support programs, mailing lists, file formats that QuickTime supports, interesting QuickTime links, books on QuickTime and more.
Webmaster Documentation:
Your guide to implementing QT3 content on the web including a Webmaster FAQ.


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