QuickTime Samples

Many of the the samples in these pages require QuickTime 3 to view. Download QuickTime 3 now

QuickTime compressors such as Sorenson and QDesign provide very real streaming solutions for the Internet.


Interactive capabilites in QuickTime include Auto URL's, Multiple Data Rates, Sprites with URL's, QuickTimeVR and others.


QuickTime VR movies can give you an unparalleled immersive experience.


The QuickTime Effects architecture provides a structure for real-time image filters, SMPTE transitions and special effects.

QuickDraw 3D is QuickTime's cross-platform 3D API.


QuickTime Sprites and Vectors offer low-bandwidth approaches for displaying graphical and animated content.



QuickTime supports a comprehensive list of industry-standard file formats. Download and try files representing most of these formats.


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