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100,000,001 and counting...
100,000,000 users can’t be wrong. They’ve chosen QuickTime to play back, create and deliver rich multimedia experiences. What’s so special about QuickTime? Why should you and your organization use QuickTime? Why should you enhance your web site with QuickTime? Here are just a few of the reasons why QuickTime is the platform of choice for multimedia and web designers, producers and distributors.

QuickTime is Everywhere
QuickTime 5 was downloaded over 100 million times by both Windows and Mac customers in its first year. Every day, more than 300,000 people download QuickTime to view news, entertainment, movie trailers and virtual reality content on the Internet. This huge user base is equipped to view your coolest QuickTime content.

Treasure Chest of Tools
QuickTime Tools
Thousands of applications use the powerful multimedia architecture of QuickTime to view, create, import and export media. Check out a selection of powerful QuickTime Tools.

Titles Galore
Language Now - Japanese Jump Start: 1st Grade Sims Myst III: Exile
Tens of thousands of software titles, including some of the most popular games and educational CD-ROMs in the marketplace, use QuickTime to help deliver their content.

QuickTime CD titles

More than 150 digital cameras use QuickTime as a key enabling technology, with more than a third using QuickTime to capture audio and video clips. Check out featured cameras on our Cameras page.

Enhanced CDs
No Doubt Iron Maiden Jennifer Lopez Thousands of Enhanced CDs from today’s most popular artists depend on QuickTime to deliver their multimedia experiences.

Hot Picks
QuickTime is one of the most popular formats on the Internet for news, entertainment, movie trailers and virtual reality (VR). Check out just a sampling on the QuickTime, What's On, and QuickTime Movie Trailers sites.

Many service providers have built businesses around QuickTime technology. These QuickTime service providers can assist you with QuickTime development and content creation.
More Than a Media Player
QuickTime is more than a media player — it is a multimedia technology architecture enabling products from Apple and third parties.

QuickTime Player
QuickTime Player The free QuickTime Player is an easy-to-use application for playing, interacting with or viewing video, audio, VR or graphics files.

QuickTime Pro
This powerful application provides an abundance of media authoring capabilities. From simple slide shows to complex video and audio encoding, Media Skin creation, automation of repetitive production workflow tasks, and assembly of hundreds of different media types into one movie file, QuickTime Pro can do it all.
QuickTime Streaming Server
QTSS The free, open source, standards-based QuickTime Streaming Server delivers media either in real time or on-demand over the Internet with no per-stream license fee.

Darwin Streaming Server
This free, open source version of QuickTime Streaming Server supports the most popular enterprise platforms such as Linux, Solaris and Windows NT/2000.

QuickTime Broadcaster
QuickTime BroadcasterCombining the power of QuickTime with Apple’s ease of use, QuickTime Broadcaster allows just about anyone to produce a live broadcast event, from a backyard birthday party to a corporate keynote speech. Download QuickTime Broadcaster.
Industrial Strength Streaming
When it comes to streaming audio and video, QuickTime provides the higest quality, lowest cost, and easiest setup. (See independent review.) In addition, QuickTime holds the record for delivering the largest-ever live event on the Internet. QuickTime offers content providers the choice of two methods for delivering high quality media over the web for real-time viewing:

Apple’s revolutionary Fast Start technology allows users to watch or listen to media as it is being downloaded. Introduced in 1997, this method ensures high-quality playback regardless of users’ connection speeds.
Real-time streaming provided by QuickTime Streaming Server delivers media in real time over the Internet, from modem rates to broadband. First delivered in October 2000, Apple’s real-time streaming features Skip Protection, a patent-pending collection of features that gives viewers an interruption-free experience. Learn more about Skip Protection and QuickTime Streaming Server.
More Than Video
QuickTime is regarded in the video industry as delivering the highest quality audio and video. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Look what else QuickTime technology can do for you.

QuickTime VR
QuickTime VROnly QuickTime allows content authors to go beyond traditional static or video media to create immersive “cubic” QuickTime VR movies spanning 360 degrees. Readily-available QuickTime VR Tools make it easy to develop compelling content. For additional functionality, authors can embed interactive elements as well as other movies into QuickTime VR panoramas.

QuickTime is the only media platform that provides the ability to create fully interactive experiences within movies. Add any combination of Flash, JavaScripts, wired sprites, pop-up menus and more to your video and audio for a rich multimedia experience.
Media Skins
Media Skins Only QuickTime allows you to create a custom interface and deliver it with your media. With this added opportunity for creativity and branding, think of the experience you can deliver.

Components QuickTime’s extensible architecture gives its users yet another added benefit — viewing more types of Internet content via QuickTime components, or “plug-ins,” created by other companies. The QuickTime Component Download Program makes getting these components a snap.

ApplescriptMultimedia production can be a repetitive and time-consuming process. Only QuickTime allows Mac users to automate nearly every step with AppleScript. Free up your days for the fun, creative tasks — just like the folks at Showtime Networks did.
Airport, USB, Firewire From USB to AirPort (802.11) wireless networking, to FireWire, Apple has championed technology standards that have been adopted throughout the industry.

MPEG-4Apple continues this legacy with support for MPEG-4. The ISO MPEG committee chose the QuickTime file format as the foundation for MPEG-4.

In addition, Apple is a founding member of the ISMA, an organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open standards for streaming rich media over the Internet.

Check out MPEG-4 technology in QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4 video, audio and file format support. To Learn more about MPEG-4 see the QuickTime Live keynote annoucing QuickTime 6 and why MPEG-4 and standards are beneficial to you.

The Platform of Choice
Take advantage of the fact that over 100,000,000 users have chosen QuickTime. Put the incredible power of QuickTime to work for you, as have so many multimedia and web designers, producers and distributors.

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