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Springer, the world's largest international publisher of scientific books offers the first online book collection for researchers and scientists. Available through SpringerLink's IP-enabled e-Book gateway libraries can offer their patrons online access to Apress books instantly from multiple locations, including library, office, home or wherever they are.


Accessible via PDF and HTML formats. The collection offers high resolution illustrations, exceptional search capabilities and bookmarks, making research as fast and easy as possible.


Flexible licensing options include institutional and individual access. Reduced maintenance expense, sophisticated management tools and simple, user-friendly interface make the Springer e-Book Collection a cost-effective, patron-pleasing choice for academic and corporate libraries.


For more information or for special early adopter offers contact your Springer licensing manager or one of our participating journal agents and/or book wholesalers.

For more information take the eBook demonstration. Or visit www.springer.com/ebooks.