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My current research is in the area of computational science and engineering developing and applying finite element methods and related issues on the latest generation of supercomputers to solve large scale fluid dynamics applications.

Some of my research projects include:

Finite Element Methods:
Development of finite element methods for solving incompressible fluid flow problems with particular emphasis on mesh moving algorithms.
Parallel Implementation:
Implementation of the finite element method on the latest massively parallel computer architectures.
Automatic Mesh Generation:
Development of fully automatic mesh generators in 3D and associated interactive geometric modelers.

Some of my recent publications can be obtained here.


The Automatic Mesh Generator
On-line manual of Andrew's fully automatic 3D mesh generation system. The mesh generator is based on the Delaunay method and runs on all architectures. Exact specification of the boundary elements is possible, as well as easy control of internal mesh refinement. This software is under active development so check this page for periodic updates.
Andrew's Older Software Packages
On-line descriptions and man pages about parallel flow solvers, automatic mesh generation, geometric modeling, visualization, and various other pacages used in scientific computing.
Andrew's MPI-Based Scientific Software Library
A collection of common, powerfull, portable and parallel functions used in scientific computing (mainly mesh management). All are based on MPI and written in C. This contains the documentation about each function and their use. Some example functions perform parallel mesh re-distribution, partitioning, solution projection, and gather-scatter functions.
AEM 5250 Class Information
Two-dimensional simulation software (geometric modeler, automatic mesh generator, parallel flow solver, and flow visualization) used for instructional and demonstration purpouses.

Current Projects:

Non-AHPCRC Supported Projects:

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Andrew A. Johnson is from Stillwater Minnesota and currently lives in Minneapolis Minnesota. He has graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degree. All of them in Aerospace Engineering. He is now employed by Network Computing Services as a Scientific Applications Development Engineer.

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How can I contact Andrew A. Johnson?

     Andrew A. Johnson
     Army High Performance Computing Research Center
     University of Minnesota
     1100 Washington Avenue South
     Minneapolis, MN  55415, USA

     Office: (612) 626-8096
     Fax:    (612) 626-1596


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