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Andrew is currently finishing up a new modeler, surface mesh generator, 3D mesh generator, flow solver, flow visualization tool, and other miscelaneous tools at this time.


DimensionMG is a general purpose three dimensional automatic mesh generator. It is based on the Delaunay method and incorporates face-swapping techniques.

Features of DimensionMG Version 1.0


On-Line Tutorial

A description of the use of DimensionMG, program options, as well as a tutorial of its use.

Availability of DimensionMG Version 2.1

WARNING: Version 2.1 is an beta version.

As of now, the distribution of DimensionMG is limited to AHPCRC and other Army researchers. A general distribution pollicy will be made availiable with the final version of DimensionMG.

Other (Complementary) Dimension Mesh Management Packages


The automatic surface grid generator. Automatically generates a triangular element surface grid based on a given geometric model.


The automatic mesh re-generator. Given an initial (non-optimal) grid, DimensionRG will rearrange elements, and add/remove nodes to satisfy element quality and grid refinement properties. This package is mainly used in remeshing operations (mesh movement or adaptive computations).

Planned Features of DimensionMG Version 2.0

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