Computational Fluid Mechanics (Fall 1997)

Tu,Th 10:10-11:55 ; 211 Akerman Hall

Instructor: Prof. Tayfun Tezduyar     Office Hours: Tu,Th 11:55-12:45
            124 Akerman Hall
TA:         Ismail Guler              Office Hours: M,W 11:00-12:00
            124 Akerman Hall

CFD Project

Each student is required to complete the project by themselves. Interaction amongst the students is encouraged while learning to run the software.

This project requires each student to perform one or more numerical simulations of flow past either cylinders or airfoils. All stages need to be performed including modeling and mesh generation, flow simulation, and visualization of the results.

A graphical program running on SGI workstations where one can model any 2D object. The modeling is based on Bezier curves.
Mesh Generation
A 2D automatic mesh generator based on Delaunay methods. The input to this program are the models created by the modeling program.
Flow Solver
A general purpouse, 2D (and 3D) incompressible flow solver running on the Thinking Machines CM-5. The flow solver is designed for use with general unstructured grids based triangular elements (tetrahedral elements in 3D).
Visualization of the results of the flow solver on a SGI workstation. One can view velocity vectors, and a rendering of the pressure and velocity magnitude fields.

The use, duplication, or disclosure of this software and its documentation is subject to restrictions as set forth by the author.