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Bad! Should never see. A waste of 2 hours of your life.

Starship Troopers(XXX)
The People vs. Lary Flint(XXX)
Escape From LA(XXX)
Mary Reilly (11-5-97)
A prety boring movie about the old Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story. The movie goes along prety slow and is much too long. The story is kind of dumb and isn't explained very well. The whole movie is just Julia Roberts walking around and spying on everything.
Evita (11-4-97)
A prety good musical. The music was nice, as well as the production, but it was a little too long. They could have ended it a half hour earlier. It would have played better on a stage rather than a movie, but what can you do.
The Fan (10-28-97)
Had an interesting beginning with Denero playing a "looser" salesman who looses his job and family in one day, but the later half of the movie turned into a standard, stupid thriller-type movie where any character development of the first half of the movie was thrown out the window and forgotten. Had a good cast, but they weren't used very well in the movie.
The Saint (10-24-97)
Had an interesting idea about a professional thief-spy who doesn't really have any identity, but the story started to turn "stupid" about a third of the way into it. The cold-fusion thing was very dumb (she works on it for many years, but by coincidence, only needs 2 more hours to finish it; I'm a researcher myself, and beleave me, it never works that way), as well as the whole Russian-revolution thing. Also, I don't beleave the Russian sewer-people are that friendly when you run into them in the sewer. Our sewer-people would just give you the finger (I'm being sarcastic).
The English Patient (10-20-97)
A pretty good movie. It had nice little scenes and side-stories in it which I enjoyed. The scenery was very pretty, and the characters were pretty good. The only bad part about it was that the drama was kind of weak because, for whatever reason, I didn't really care what happened to the characters in the end (they died by the way).
Liar-Liar (10-19-97)
This movie was pretty tiresome. The first 20 minutes or so was interesting and funny, but then Jim Carey kept doing the same thing for the rest of the movie. Any plot it had was pointless, so it just turned into a movie about Jim Cary jumping around making weird noises and funny faces.
The Devil's Own (10-14-97)
A prety good movie about a IRA terrorist coming to America to buy missiles and stays with a normal host family. The setup for the movie was good, and had some nice ideas, but the ending seemed kind of out-of-place. The acting was good, but I heard they were re-writing the ending as they were filming it, and it shows. Some very nice scenery of the New York area.
The Full Monty (10-10-97)
A very good and funny movie. The story was new, and I liked the setting that it had in an old English industrial town (I like such places). It was well written and had great music.
The Peacemaker (10-4-97)
A traditional action-thriller movie about Russians who steal nuclear weapons and try to blow up New York (it will happen some day). The movie took a while to get going, but it wan't that bad. Some nice action scenes and special effects.

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